Friday, January 13, 2012

Dori Alsop Paden obituary and memorial & blogs

To: Dori Alsop Paden's Esp Etcetera blog list:

This is Dori's husband, Don Paden.

Dori wanted to write a farewell post,  but was unable to do it.  I am willing to try to post a few blogs she wrote since her last post if that would be interesting. She wrote several during her good-bye trip back home to Minnesota. 

If you are interested, I will try to get help from friends to post several final blogs from Dori, otherwise I will just email them to you.
It may a few weeks before I can get to this project.

I want to ask all of you whether you have suggestions of what to do with Dori's writings.
• Did they already serve their purpose and need not be saved?
• Should they be archived somewhere?
• Would it be useful to have a complete set of Dori's blogs available on a series of DVD data discs.
• Dori was turned down by a couple of publishers that might be interested in such channeled material.
   Do you have any idea about how to find a publisher?

Please send your request to be removed from from further emails if you desire to:

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Here is a link to Dori's web site obituary:

The Twin Cities memorial:
Twin Cities Friends Meeting (Quaker Church). 
Saturday, January 21st. 2:00-4:00
1725 Grand Ave. in St. Paul, Minnesota (a block east of Fairview)

(I haven't decided to do a memorial locally here in Colorado.)

Don Paden